How do I even get to Hangzhou?

There are many different reasons why you might want to go to Hangzhou, maybe work, studying or just simply a nice holiday with the family. But how do you get to Hangzhou?

As a city of 7 million people, Hangzhou naturally has its own Airport. The Hangzhou Xiashan Airport (HGH) is about 1 hour from the city centre and there are coaches connecting both regularly. You will be dropped of near Wulin square at a rather small bus terminal.

Most of the people who come to Hangzhou will arrive via Shanghai. From there, you will have two options how to come to Hangzhou.

At the Shanghai Pudong Airport, there are regular buses that can take you directly from the Airport to the city center of Hangzhou. This bus will also bring you to Wulin Square in Hangzhou and costs 110 RMB (January 2016). This is clearly not the cheapest way how to get here and you won’t see a lot on this trip. However if you are tired after a long journey you might just want to arrive at your destination and therefore this should be your first choice.

If you have some more time, we recommend you to take the bullet train to go to the city of Shanghai and take a train from there. There are train connections ranging from 28-100 RMB at the South Railway Station. You should keep in mind though, that a cheap train won’t bring you to your destination quickly.

Shanghai is always worth a look and the tickets from Hangzhou are quite cheap so you should give it a try. We will write articles about Shanghai in our travel section.

Back to the topic, you will probably arrive at Hangzhou East Railway Station when you come by train, but there are three other railway stations: Yuhang High-Speed Train station, Chengzhan(Hangzhou Railway Station) and Southern Railway Station.

Right now, the Southern Railway Station is not yet connected to the Metro system so it is quite hard to reach other places from this station. Apart from that, you should choose the train station that is closest to your exact destination.

Information on how to get from where to where inside Hangzhou will be covered under here.