How to Hangzhou

As life in China is wild for many people in the West, we want to give you some help. This guide should help people who are here for a short time and¬†people who are considering living in China but don’t know the environment.

This page will be updated constantly as we want to cover as many topics as possible! If you have any questions about any topics concerning Hangzhou or the life here in China, please let us know!

About Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a city of roughly 7 million people, approximately 190 km south west of Shanghai. Right now, Hangzhou is preparing for the G20 summit in September 2016, before this the city was rarely known in the West, even though it is one of the most famous cities inside China.

Hangzhou was the capital of China during the southern Song dynasty and was described as the most beautiful city in the world by Marco Polo. Today Hangzhou is famous for “Long Jing Cha”, one of the best green teas in the world.


What do I need to prepare when I come to Hangzhou? 

The internet and my Smartphone!

How do I get from where to where?

How do I go to Hangzhou?

How do I get around in Hangzhou?

Destinations inside Hangzhou

In Hangzhou there are many, many things to see. Here we collect all posts related to sights inside Hangzhou.

What the Eifeltower is to Paris, is Westlake to Hangzhou!

Xianghu, the little sister of Westlake!