About us

As 3 students living in Hangzhou we want to provide you with a unique blog to read. We all have different pasts and come from different countries, therefore we think about things with different perspectives. Hence the name; San Pin meaning “3 opinions” in Mandarin. 

We want to give you the chance to take a look into our life. Everyday funny things happen with the clash of cultures but we also want give you an impression about our travels, here in China and all around the world. In doing so our articles will attempt to provide each of our own individual perspectives.



Leon, 20 years old: I come from a small town in the west of Germany. This Autumn, I started studying here in Hangzhou. I like to go travelling, but my other hobbies are playing guitar, sailing and going swimming. I have been to China twice before, during my second stay I got to know my girlfriend Yong.



Yong, China: I have been studying in Hangzhou for 2 years now but I am originally from Dongguan (between Shenzhen and Guangzhou) in the south of China. One of my hobbies is to go travelling, I have already done a lot of trips inside China and this summer went on a big tour of Germany with my boyfriend. In my free time, I also like to take photos and read books.



I am a 23 year old masters graduate from the North of England. I came to Hangzhou on a British Council Scholarship to study Chinese for 1 year, however I also intend to use the time I have here to explore as much of China as possible! This is my first time in China and I have been living as Leon’s room mate since September. I love travelling, working out in the gym and taking long walks, especially hiking.