Finally also available in German

The time has finally come, our blog is now also available in German!

Despite the fact that we are working on this English blog for nearly a year now, the overwhelming majority of regular readers is not international or from English speaking countries but from German speaking countries.
Since I am both German and a translator, taking the step to a bilingual website was only logical. We had a few problems with the implementation though and could not get it working.
Now, we finally found a good solution so that you can easily switch languages from English to German or German to English on the sidebar on the right.
So far, there are only three articles available in German, but we will be working on making all the information available in both languages.

For all of our English readers, there is no reason to worry: Of course, translating so many articles will take a lot of time but we will stick to English as our main language on the Website. Actually, there are 4 English articles in planning, one of them ready to be released on the weekend!

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