Yes, we are excited. For me and Ellis, our first 2 Semesters here in China just finished today, for Yong it’s the end of the 6th semester. We wrote our exams and now our holidays will start!

We started our year here with the exploration of our direct environment here in Hangzhou and Shanghai but also went on into South China with Hong Kong, Macau and Dongguan and had our big trip around the Philippines in winter.

If you want to know more about our daily lives here, you should check out our article about the life of students in China or our view on the stereotypes about China.

But what now, what is our plan for the future, both near and far?
While Leon and Yong will stay in Hangzhou to finish their degrees, Ellis only joined a one year language program to learn Chinese here. This would mean that he would have to go back to England this Summer, in the meantime he decided though, that he would like to stay here and therefore applied for jobs. Eventually he found one and will soon go to Haikou to lay down on the beaches and travel around all the time work very hard in his new position!
We will be looking forward to hearing from your interesting work experiences!
Before that, Ellis still wants to explore some more of central China and therefore left Hangzhou a few days ago to visit Chongqing.

In the meantime, Leon and Yong will finally have the time to travel a little further again!
In only a few days, we will pack our things and start our trip to go and visit Leons family and friends back in Germany. In the 2 Months that we will stay in Europe, we will have a few trips planned!

Our first big trip in Europe will go to the Netherlands, we are planning to explore the capital Amsterdam! This trip is currently still in the planning however, since the prices for hostels are very high we are considering either to get some more experience using Couchsurfing or to go camping on one of the nearby campsites.

The next trip planned so far will go to Hamburg for about a week. Some of you might know that I know Hamburg very well already but this is actually part of the reason why we will go again. During our last stay there Yong didn’t have the chance to see all the awesome things I wanted to show her!

Before going back to China, there is my personal highlight for this years’ summer holidays: We will have a road trip to Croatia and spend 2 weeks in Istria!
We will have the chance to experience the wonderful Adriatic Sea both by boat and by diving but also do our trips into the inside of the peninsula to see the small villages and towns on the hill tops.

Finally, after coming back from Germany there will be one more trip in China before we eventually start our next Semester: We will finally visit the city of Nanjing. We didn’t have the chance to visit the town so far, despite the fact that it is historically very important!

I hope we could give you a good overview about our up coming plans. While Ellis might still post some articles or thoughts during the summer, me and Yong will probably not have the time to write a comprehensive article.
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As always, we are happy to discuss! If you have any suggestions, tips or questions feel free to leave a comment below!

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